Pouch Packaging

Adhesives Materials Group, a pioneer in the field of industrial packaging, offers a wide range of safe and effective pouch packaging. Pouch packaging can be used for a variety of sealants and other materials, including:

Pouches are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 ml to 900 ml. Single and dual component pouches ensure easy and accurate application with a minimum of waste. Choose from burst seal or dividing clip formats for easy access. Pouch packaging is a cost-efficient storage solution that AMG customizes to your exact specifications and delivery requirements.

Pouch Packaging Applications

Choose pouch packaging to store materials used in a vast array of industries, including, but not limited to:

Pouch packaging protects adhesives, resins, and sealants from exposure to moisture and UV rays, thus maximizing shelf life. Pouches are disposable after use, eliminating the need for extensive cleanup. Pre-measured pouch packaging also reduces waste, making application simple and convenient.

AMG handles the packaging, labeling, and delivery of your adhesive materials seamlessly. Our custom and private labeling services are designed to showcase your company logo, print important safety information, and provide detailed instructions based on your unique specifications. All of our products meet or exceed the most rigorous industry standards, and are offered at competitive prices.

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