Foil Pack Packaging

foil pouch packaging

An adhesive packaging leader, Adhesive Materials Group offers customers a variety of foil packs for the storage of adhesives, sealants, and bonding agents. Foil pack packaging provides a high level of moisture protection for sensitive chemicals and sealant formulations. AMG’s foil pouches and bags meet all industry standards, and offer a cost-effective storage and delivery solution.

Adhesives can become easily damaged by humidity and other environmental factors. Foil pack packaging is crafted from a foil laminate by AMG’s expert team of packaging specialists. This barrier keeps moisture from seeping into the adhesive packaging. The moisture protection keeps the adhesive as fresh as possible, thus preserving shelf life, stability, and durability. In addition, improved shelf life means reduced waste.

Custom Foil Packets

  • AMG foil pouch capacities range from 1 ml to 900 ml, 1oz - 32oz sizes.
  • Foil barrier packaging is routinely used in a wide range of bench-top, assembly line and field applications, including medical and diagnostic testing, electronics and aeronautics.


AMG strives to fulfill the individual needs of each customer by providing customization, competitive pricing, and above all, high-quality products. Foil pouch packaging may be used in conjunction with desiccants or vacuum sealing, when appropriate, for additional moisture protection. Custom and private labeling and graphic services are available for foil pack packaging, as well.

Contact Adhesives Materials Group today to discuss project specifications, or to learn more about adhesives packaging solutions. We have more than three decades of experience in the packaging field, and our expertise ensures industry-best products at competitive pricing.