Single Component Down Packing

Adhesives Materials Group, a cutting-edge supplier of adhesive packaging solutions, provides down packing services for single component adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and other chemicals. Down packing is the dispersing of bulk materials into smaller, more manageable containers.

Single component compounds do not require mixing, making the chemicals easy to dispense at the time of application. Bulk containers of epoxies, silicones, greases, urethanes or other adhesives can be more difficult to manage, leading to waste during the dispensing process. Allow AMG to re-package your chemicals into smaller portions for easy handling. Single component adhesives can be down packed into:

Foil pouches
Cans, drums or pails
Collapsible tubes
Glass bottles or jars

Down Packaging Solutions

Down packing can be an economical solution for your company. Businesses that sell chemicals may have increased sales capabilities with smaller packages of product. Dispensing from smaller, even one-time use packaging also minimizes product waste. AMG has the specialized equipment and expert staff needed to down pack your product without compromising shelf life, durability or safety.

Adhesives Materials Group serves a wide range of industries, including:

• Oil and gas
• Automotive and marine
• Agriculture and renewable energy
• Construction and maintenance

Contact AMG today to learn more about our down packing services or to discuss your specific project requirements with a packaging specialist.