Collapsible Tube Packaging

Collapsible Tube PackagingProviding adhesive, sealant and resin packaging for a wide range of markets, Adhesive Materials Group has over 30 years experience meeting your most challenging requirements. Our packaging options are customized to your application and product attributes, and expedited shipping is available for time-sensitive projects.

AMG's single component collapsible tube packaging is ideal for a number of industrial sealants and adhesives, including silicones, polyurethanes, latex and epoxies. Used in bench top, assembly line and field applications, AMG tubes are reliable, easy to use, and deliver a precise dose of material without the use of an applicator. Collapsible tubes can also be nitrogen-packed to prevent environmental contamination and ensure prolonged shelf life.

One Component Tube Packaging

Whether boxed, bagged or individually packaged, AMG collapsible tubes come with the following product features:

  • Wide range of sizes, from 3ml to 9oz tubes
  • Aluminum, plastic or foil laminate tubes available
  • Low per-application cost
  • Custom labeling and artwork for tubes, bags and boxes
  • Dispensing tips that reduce product waste and improve application accuracy

AMG's custom labeling and collapsible tube artwork may include logos, right-to-know information, usage directions, supply numbers and more, depending upon your product requirements. To learn more about AMG's single component collapsible tubes, or to request a detailed estimate for your next project, contact a packaging specialist by calling 800-281-2307 or email us today.