u-TAH Cartridge Systems

u-Tah Cartridge SystemsSupplying options that suit your application and budget, Adhesive Materials Group offers high-performance packaging solutions for a comprehensive range of sealants, adhesives, encapsulators and industrial chemicals. Designed for standard manual and pneumatic-driven caulking guns, the u-TAH™ Cartridge System is your caulking gun cartridge packaging solution and supplies trouble-free dual-component application and lengthy product shelf life.

u-TAH cartridges are constructed from rigid, molded plastic that is robust enough to handle any material—no matter what its consistency. After assembly, each cartridge is performance tested to deliver a precise blend of catalyst and base material—without the need for specialized dispensing guns.   

u-TAH Packaging

The patented u-TAH Cartridge System is a compact, universal package that includes:

  • 250ml and ratios 1:1 & 2:1
  • Easy to use with static mixing nozzles
  • Simultaneous extrusion of both components
  • Optional flow restrictors to slow the flow of thin components
  • Comprehensive ratio and volume options
  • Works with a standard caulking gun
  • Vented and non-vented options, depending upon product viscosity


u-TAH cartridges are used in the marine, aerospace, electronics, telecom and transportation industries, and their eco-friendly design minimizes material waste. To learn more about AMG’s full range of dual-component packaging options, or to request an estimate for your next field or assembly-line application, call or email our team today.