Semkit Injection Kits

semkit injection kits

Providing high-quality packaging for sealants, adhesives and other industrial chemicals, Adhesive Materials Group offers Semkit® injection packaging for the aerospace, transportation, marine, telecom and electronics industries. Trusted for our expertise and customer service, AMG can recommend the Semkit Package option that best suits your application specifics.

Used with mix ratios of 10:1 or higher, injection kits contain base material in the cartridge and the catalyst within the kit’s injection rod. During application, the two components are precisely combined to deliver the perfect mix ratio. By safely and accurately blending your material, Semkit injection packaging streamlines your project and reduces costly product waste. 

Whether opting for injection or foil barrier style Semkits, operators can use manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment to apply the correct amount of adhesive, sealant or encapsulating product. No matter what the material amount and viscosity, these all-in-one kits are perfect for field, bench-top and assembly line use.

Additional AMG injection kit benefits include:

  • Safe, disposable design that reduces labor and production costs
  • Accurate material proportions
  • Specialized nozzles for pneumatic or manual dispensing guns
  • Elimination of air entrapment for guaranteed product integrity

To experience the AMG difference, learn more about Semkit® injection kits, or request packaging for your next project, call or email our team of packaging specialists today.

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