Semkit Packaging

Semkit PackagingFor high-performance Semkit® packaging of dual component sealants and adhesives, trust Houston-based Adhesive Materials Group. Our Semkit® Packages are ideal for a range of industries, and are a safe, affordable way to store and transport materials that require dynamic mixing and precision application.

Semkit® Packages are a ready-to-use disposable cartridge system. Depending upon your unique project needs, most Semkit® packaging can be provided in foil barrier and injection style packaging. Both are market tested for the aerospace, transportation, marine, electronics and telecom industries, and are designed to manage a range of viscosities and material requirements.  

Used to package polysulfides, urethanes and polyurethanes, epoxies and silicones, Semkits ensure accurate material proportions for field, bench-top and assembly line applications.

Additional Semkit advantages include:

  • 1oz to 20oz in any ratio
  • One-time use container that handles any material
  • Custom capacities for reduced per-application cost and minimal product waste
  • Specialized packaging that assures material performance and quality
  • Solutions for semi- and fully automatic applicators
  • Elimination of air entrapment that compromises product integrity


How to properly mix a semco injection kit:


To request more information about AMG’s ready-to-use Semkit® packaging options, or to speak with our team about cutting-edge adhesive and sealant packaging, call us at 800-281-2307 or email AMG today.