Premixed & Frozen Syringes

Premixed & Frozen Syringes

Known for the safe, convenient packaging of reactive resins, adhesives, sealants and bonding agents, Adhesive Materials Group supplies easy-to-use premixed and frozen (PMF) syringes for a variety of applications.

To retain sealant integrity and ensure proper storage until time of use, AMG packaging specialists (1) weigh and blend all multi-component materials, (2) eliminate air entrapment, and (3) freeze the sealant, resin or epoxy into a syringe that suits your application. Customers using premixed syringes avoid the hassle of on-site adhesive mixing, and syringes can be quickly thawed for future use.

Premixed & Frozen Syringe Packaging is ideal for:

When the need arises, AMG’s premixed and frozen syringes may be nitrogen packed to lengthen shelf life and prevent environmental contamination. Syringes are ultra-portable for field use, and additional packaging benefits include:

  • Precision delivery
  • Wide range of sizes, from 1 cc up to 32 fl oz.
  • Reduced materials waste
  • Low per-application cost
  • Customized labeling

With over three decades of adhesives handling and storage experience, Adhesive Materials Group serves clients around the world. To discuss premixed or frozen syringes with an AMG packaging specialist, call us at 800-281-2307 or contact by email today.