Dual Syringe Packaging

Dual Syringe Adhesive PackagingDual component syringes are a safe, cost-effective way to package industrial adhesives, resins and sealants. Customizing each packaging solution to meet your most demanding industry requirements, Adhesive Materials Group manufactures high-performance syringes for bench-top, assembly line and field applications.

AMG dual syringes are engineered for ease of use, accurate product placement and minimized product waste. Each 2 component syringe delivers a precise dose of two-part silicone, latex, epoxy, polyurethane or other compound, and can be specially packaged in vapor barrier bags to prevent environmental exposure and increase shelf life.

2 Part Syringe Packaging offers:

  • Minimal waste
  • Low per-application cost
  • Range of sizes (5ml to 80ml)
  • Range of ratios (1:1 and 10:1)
  • Convenient systems for one-time or multiple uses


To further personalize dual component syringes, AMG's packaging specialists offer high-quality custom labeling and cartridge artwork. Labeling options include logos, usage instructions, right-to-know information, and more. To inquire about artwork and labeling, call 800-281-2307 today to speak with a representative.

To learn more about dual syringe adhesive packaging, or to request an estimate for your dual syringe order. Contact the AMG team. For more information about our other service offerings, click here.