Dual Cartridge Spray Systems

Adhesives Materials Group, known for high quality custom packaging, offers dual cartridge spray systems as a cost-effective solution for dual component compounds. Dual cartridges are a dispensing method widely used in a number of industries, including:

• Construction and roofing
Pipeline coatings
• Electronics and consumer products
• Automotive
Medical and military

The dual cartridge spray system used with dual component cartridges takes ease-of-use to an even higher level.

Dual cartridge spray systems provide even coverage of product and airflow and can set up in just seconds. Delivery of compounds is clean and quick; premixing of solutions is not needed. The spray gun equipment is lightweight, compact and easy to handle. A reduction of labor-intensive work and less mess can lead to higher productivity and a significant cost savings over the use of bulk packaging. Dual cartridge spray systems are versatile, and can function with almost any adhesive or sealant.

2 cartridge spray system materials include:


AMG is an internationally recognized provider of customized packaging. We uphold and exceed industry standards to maintain product integrity and safety at all times. Contact AMG today to learn more about our adhesives packaging options, to discuss your dual cartridge spray systems project requirements, or to obtain a price quote.