Dual Component Down Packing

Down packing dual component adhesives are another of the special services offered by leading packaging supplier Adhesives Materials Group. Dual component adhesives are chemicals that remain separate until the time of application. Down packing, or re-packing the compounds into smaller containers, maintains the integrity of the product without compromising performance.

Dual component adhesives packaging is versatile and can be tailored to your exact specifications. Packaging options can include:

Burst bags and Quick-Paks
Dual cartridges
Dual syringes
• Injection kits
• Premixed and frozen syringes and cartridges

Down packing dual component silicones, UV curables, epoxies, urethanes and other adhesives must be done carefully to avoid premature mixing of the chemicals. AMG is staffed with highly knowledgeable experts in the field and uses cutting-edge equipment to re-package your product safely and effectively.

Ease of use and improved profit margins are two benefits of down packing dual component chemicals. Smaller containers are easier to handle than large drums or pails; accuracy of application and less waste are also expected results. Down packing can also be used as a marketing tactic to increase sales.

Adhesives Materials Group offers a wide range of services, including partnering with world-renowned chemical manufacturers to deliver custom formulations for your adhesives. Contact a packaging specialist today to learn more about down packing or to inquire about our array of affordable adhesives packaging solutions.