Optical Coupling Compound Packaging

Adhesive Materials Group, leading supplier of customizable packaging for sealants, resins and epoxies, provides optical coupling compound packaging. Optic coupling compounds, including V-788 fiber optic coupling grease, are used in fiber optic and medical equipment applications.

At AMG, we understand the importance of choosing the right optical coupling compound to provide strong adhesion, low evaporation and low bleed to your application. Our packaging solutions help ensure that coupling compounds remain in optimum condition prior to application.

Optical Compound Packaging Options

Standard packaging containers for optical coupling compounds like optical coupling grease include varying sizes of glass jars, syringes, cartridges and tubes. If none of these packaging solutions are right for you, we also offer customized options tailored to your budget and timeline.

Adhesives Materials Group packaging meets or exceeds all industry standards, and is resistant to the heat, moisture and UV rays that compromise the adhesion properties of an adhesive or sealant. Our packaging provides easy and efficient application and minimizes waste, helping you meet your bottom line.

At AMG, our customer service is unmatched—and our experience is known throughout the United States and abroad. Contact our team today to learn more about our wide range of products and services, to obtain a price quote, or to discuss the details of your specific project.

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