Oil & Lubricant Packaging

Oil & Lubricant PackagingAdhesives Materials Group is the leading industry expert in packaging solutions for adhesives and sealants as well as oil & industrial lubricant packaging. AMG understands that the standard storage containers for oils and other thin lubricants—pails and drums, for example—do not always lend themselves to user-friendly application. We work closely with each customer to provide a customized oil lubricant packaging solution that ensures accurate, easy application with minimal waste.

Custom Industrial Lubricant Packaging

Oils and lubricants are utilized in a number of industries, including manufacturing, automotive and electronics. Effective and economical packaging from AMG provides businesses with time and money-savings while meeting their unique application requirements. Due to the composition, oil-based lubricants may require specific packaging requirements to preserve product integrity. Adhesive Materials Group offers the following solutions for oil and lubricant specialty packaging:

  • Cartridges with cut-off tip or removable nozzle
  • Syringes for various volumes
  • Bottles and jars up to 32 oz.
  • Foil packs for accuracy and ease
  • Tubes designed to reduce waste
  • Lubricant guns with pneumatic, battery or manual operation systems


Call or email Adhesives Materials Group to learn more about our customizable oil and lubricant packaging. Our team of experts is available to give pricing estimates, discuss storage methods based on individual application, and explore expedited delivery options.