Chemical Packaging

Chemical PackagingAdhesive Materials Group supplies high-performance chemical packaging solutions for a range of industrial chemicals, adhesives and sealants. Customizing solutions to meet your budget and volume requirements, AMG specialists safely package every chemical with precision care.

Custom Chemical Packaging

Depending on chemical characteristics, popular packaging options include single and dual-component cartridges, tubes, syringes, drums and squeeze tubes. No matter which packaging option you choose, AMG chemical containers are designed for precise application and reduced material waste.

AMG’s chemical packaging expertise extends to all chemical types, viscosities and applications. Packaged products include:

  • Catalysts
  • Primers and resins
  • Solvents
  • Professional cleaning products
  • Degreasers and automotive products
  • Lubricants
  • Fertilizers and lawn-care products

Additional advantages of AMG chemical packaging include:

  • Reduced per application cost
  • Optional nitrogen filling for environmentally sensitive formulations
  • Packaging solutions for manual, pneumatic and battery-driven applicators
  • Vacuum packing for ultimate product protection
  • Delivery systems for single or multiple applications
  • Expedited delivery for time-sensitive jobs
  • Custom warning and materials-use labels

To request an estimate for your next chemical packaging project, or to inquire about delivery times, contact an AMG packaging specialist or call us at 800-281-2307.