Polyurethane Sealant Packaging

Polyurethane Sealant PackagingOffering customized polyurethane sealant packaging, Adhesive Materials Group tailors each solution to meet your volume and application needs. With over three decades of experience in sealant and adhesive packaging, we provide unparalleled support while accommodating budget and timeline specifics. Trusted by a range of industries, polyurethane sealants are widely used in automotive manufacturing, electronics, medical supply, industrial machinery and construction. In addition, polyurethanes are ideal for spray coating industrial substrates, vehicle bed liners, pipelines, machinery and more.

Because of their cost-effective and durable bonding characteristics, polyurethane sealants require a specialized package that resists air and moisture exposure. From assembly line to field applications, AMG's polyurethane sealant containers meet each of these requirements while maintaining the integrity and consistency of polyurethane compounds. Providing a precise amount of adhesive for a minimal per-use cost, AMG polyurethane sealant solutions include one- and two-part cartridges, u-TAH cartridges, squeeze tubes, foil barrier and injection kits, syringes, Quik-Pak burst seal bags and spray cartridge systems.

Each custom polyurethane packaging solution includes a variety of features:

  • Simple application for precise bonding, spray-on coating and encapsulation
  • Nitrogen filling and vacuum packing for the ultimate in product protection
  • Cartridges and syringes for manual, pneumatic and battery-driven applicators
  • Single- or multiple-application delivery systems
  • Expedited manufacturing for time-sensitive jobs


To learn more about polyurethane sealant packaging requirements, or to request a custom estimate for your next bonding application, give us a call at 800-281-2307 or contact the AMG packaging team today.