Polyurea Sealant Packaging

Polyurea Sealant PackagingRecognized for customized sealant and adhesive packaging solutions, Adhesive Materials Group is trusted by clients worldwide for its precision and expertise. The company specializes in the safe containment of polyurea sealants and adhesives, and offers premium customer support while accommodating your timeline and budget.

Polyurea sealants are used in a variety of industries, and are known for their fast reaction times, water and chemical resistance, and durability. Uses for polyureas include: pipeline protection, marine applications, flooring systems, pavement marking and multi-purpose joint fill and caulking. In addition, polyurea sealants are easy to spray on, and can be used to coat industrial substrates, sewer and manholes, vehicle beds, storage tanks and more.

Polyurea Container Solutions

To maintain the integrity and consistency of polyurea compounds, AMG packages each product with the utmost care. Our polyurea sealant containers resist air and moisture exposure, discourage air entrapment, and are ideally suited for field and assembly line use. Eliminating product waste, each packaging option supplies a precise amount of adhesive at the lowest possible per-application cost.

AMG polyurea sealant solutions include:


AMG's tailored packaging solutions can be easily applied for precision bonding, spray-on coatings and encapsulation, and may also be vacuum packaged for ultimate product protection. To learn more about polyurea sealant packaging requirements, or to request a custom estimate for your next project, contact our team of packaging specialists today.