Sealant Packaging

Backed by a 35-year legacy of service, Adhesive Materials Group provides application-specific sealant packaging for all sealant types. Each high-performance packaging type that we offer is available for nearly any industrial sealant. We offer the following custom sealant packaging for the following materials:

sealant packaging


Sealant Packaging Solutions

Solutions include a variety of containers and mix ratios, and AMG’s sealant packaging specialists can recommend the best option for your needs and budget. The most common sealant packaging options includes burst bags, dual cartridges, syringes, and one components. For moisture-sensitive sealants, AMG uses nitrogen to eliminate moisture during the packaging process to maintain material integrity.

Our comprehensive line of packaging options is ideal for work site and assembly line applications, and advantages include:

  • Specialized sealant packaging methods that prevent air entrapment while maintaining product performance and consistency
  • Customized sealant packaging for reduced per-application cost and minimal product waste
  • Delivery systems for single- and dual-cartridge sealants
  • Optional vacuum packaging for ultimate product protection
  • Solutions for manual, pneumatic and battery-driven applicators
  • Expedited delivery for time-sensitive jobs