UV Curables Packaging

UV Curables PackagingAdhesive Materials Group, a leader in custom adhesive packaging solutions, offers a range of safe, dependable packaging options for UV curables. UV curables, or ultraviolet light-curing adhesives, are widely used as sealants and potting compounds for medical device assembly, electronics, and outdoor applications requiring weather resistance.

UV curable adhesives and sealants are versatile, creating an instant bond between plastic, rubber, metal, glass and ceramic materials. Exposure to ultraviolet light commences the ultra-quick bonding process, and most materials bond within seconds of application and light exposure.

AMG packaging for UV curables include syringe and cartridge options.

Benefits of Ultraviolet Light Curing Adhesives packaging solutions include:

  • Opaque black design for complete light blockage
  • Transparent amber for UV and light-sensitive materials
  • Optional tips with UV-blocking additive
  • Protection against product breakdown and moisture infiltration
  • Two-part packaging systems for accurate mixing


Adhesive Materials Group serves a wide spectrum of industries, including production and assembly, automotive, medical equipment, renewable energy and many more. AMG’s services include working with you to find a custom UV curable packaging design for your project-specific needs. Customer service is a high-level priority at AMG, and we offer expedited turnaround times upon request. Contact our team of adhesive specialists today to learn more about UV curable adhesive packaging solutions, along with pricing and delivery options.