Structural Adhesives

Adhesive Materials Group, a leading provider of adhesives packaging, offers a wide variety of packaging solutions for structural adhesives. AMG has partnered with many of the industry leaders in this industry to provide unlimited packaging solutions in this industry.

This class of adhesives is used to provide superior strength to any load bearing application. Structural adhesives are often used to take the place of welding or mechanical fasteners. AMG uses processes that ensure the reliability, integrity, safety and effectiveness of the product.

Industries that rely on the increased durability of structural coatings include:

• Automotive
• Construction
• Water and sewer

Adhesives grouped under the structural heading includes resins, epoxies, urethanes, and acrylics. A number of characteristics are shared among the products:

• High strength
• High rigidity
• Corrosion resistance
• Non-flammability

AMG’s packaging options for structural coatings are fully customizable and uphold the highest industry standards. Choose from cartridges, syringes, tubes, burst bags, or another custom option.

Adhesives Materials Group is proud to serve customers around the globe. Our packaging experts are more than happy to discuss project requirements and specifications to ensure our product fits your needs. Contact AMG today for structural adhesives packaging project information or pricing estimates.