Resin Packaging

Resin Packaging

A reputable expert in the packaging and storage of adhesives, chemicals and sealants, Adhesive Materials Group provides a full range of resin packaging, storage and delivery options for clients around the U.S. and abroad. Customized to suit your requirements, our high-quality packaging works to retain materials integrity, increase shelf life and ensure product performance.

For your convenience, AMG provides a comprehensive range of resin packaging options. Choose from:

Resin Storage & Delivery

A natural or synthetic compound, resin is used in the production of polymers, adhesives, varnish, paint and plastic. Resin varies in both hardness and opacity, is fatigue and micro-crack resistant, and is known for its tensile strength. AMG resin storage and delivery benefits include:

  • Precision delivery for varying product volumes
  • Reduced materials waste
  • Competitive per-application cost
  • Custom label designs
  • Expedited delivery for time-sensitive projects

To request a detailed estimate for your resin packaging project, or to inquire about AMG’s custom packaging options, contact our team of specialists via phone or email today. Attentive to sustainable manufacturing methods, AMG packaging reduces waste, increases product yields and provides cost-effective material delivery for field and assembly line applications.