Polyimides Packaging

Adhesives Materials Group, a leader in industrial packaging, offers a vast inventory of syringes, cartridges, pouches, drums, and other containers for a range of adhesives. Polyimides create durable coatings for semiconductors, and are also used in the lithography industry.

Liquid and film-based polyimides are made into photosensitive coatings and thermoplastic adhesives. The strength and integrity of the product makes polymides an ideal adhesive for stress buffering in the electronics industry.

AMG’s polyimide packaging is safe, effective, and cost-efficient, and we customize containers to your project specifications and applications. AMG packaging:

• Maintains physical integrity of the adhesive
• Minimizes product waste
• Reduces per-use cost
• Provides easy and accurate application

Polyimide Chemical Storage

AMG not only stores your polyimide chemicals safe and effectively, but also offers private labeling services. Custom-made labels on each container can display user instructions, business logos, and appropriate warnings. In addition, AMG’s packaging options meet the most stringent industry requirements and safety regulations.

Contact AMG packaging specialists today to learn more about our range of our polyimide chemical packaging products and services. Our expert team is here to discuss your project requirements and provide you with an affordable and competitive estimate for your company’s packaging needs.