Polyester Adhesives Packaging

Polyester Adhesives PackagingAdhesives Materials Group is your source for top-of-the-line polyester adhesives packaging. Our customized packaging solutions are designed to meet the strict volume and application requirements of each client’s individual specifications, while also adhering to safety standards and budgetary concerns.

Polyester is the preferred adhesive in a wide range of applications, including the textile and footwear industries, product assembly and the filling of porous stones like marble and granite. Polyester adhesives set quickly, offering the unique combination of strong adhesion and excellent resistance to water and chemicals.

A long and stable shelf life is another hallmark of polyester adhesives, and one that requires safe and convenient storage solutions. AMG provides efficient, dependable packaging for polyester adhesives that not only keeps the chemicals fresh for each use, but also minimizes the per-use application costs and reduces waste. AMG’s packaging selections for polyester adhesives include foil packs, cartridges, syringes, injection kits, tubes and burst seal bags in a variety of sizes.

Specialized features of our polyester adhesive custom packaging include:

  • Accurate, easy-to-place application systems
  • Delivery of single-component or dual-component adhesives
  • Vacuum packaging for high-level product protection
  • Choice of manual, pneumatic or battery-powered applicators


Adhesives Materials Group is proud of its commitment to integrity, craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. Our top-rated packaging services are used both domestically and by clients around the world. Contact us today to learn more about our customized polyester adhesives packaging solutions, or to speak to a specialist about your adhesive and polyester sealant packaging needs.