Phenolics Packaging

AMG, a leader in adhesives packaging, provides clients with customized storage solutions for phenolics. Also known as phenolic resins, these adhesives can take many forms, including one- or two-part liquids, powders, or films. The chemical makeup of phenolics can become altered during storage, requiring appropriate storage facilities and containers. Adhesives Materials Group offers a high level of experience and customer service to ensure the safety of your employees and chemicals.

Phenolics are a low-cost adhesive with excellent high temperature properties. Phenolic resin adhesives are weather-, burn- and water-resistant, as well. This type of adhesive adheres to many different substrates, and common phenolic applications include automotive, electronics and decorative laminates. Phenolics should be kept in a cool, dry location to maintain their properties.

Storage Solutions for Phenolic Resins

AMG provides several storage solutions for phenolics, depending on the physical characteristics of the substance. Drums may be ideal for powdered resin; burst bags, cartridges, and syringes can contain single- and dual-part liquids until time of application.

All AMG packaging is created with the client’s unique specifications in mind, and we work to:

• Reduce waste
• Lower per-application costs
• Maintain adhesive integrity and consistency
• Provide easy-to-use delivery methods
• Increase accuracy of application

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