Methacrylates Packaging

Adhesives Materials Group, a forerunner in the field of adhesives packaging, provides several packaging options for methacrylates. Methacrylates are dual-component adhesives that cure quickly and bond with unparalleled strength. This type of adhesive is extremely versatile, and works well on stainless steel, plastics, ceramics, epoxy coatings and aluminum.

Methacrylate adhesives are highly resistant to dirt, moisture, and impact. One of the benefits of this two-component adhesive is its ability to dispense easily from a variety of packaging types. Methacrylates are used in glass repair, orthopedics, prosthetics and plastics manufacturing.

Packaging solutions that are ideal for methacrylates:

• Burst bags
• Quick Packs
Dual syringes
Foil barrier kits
Dual cartridges

Each of these containers keep the distinct compounds separate and preserved until time of application. AMG’s packaging for methancrylates is available in a range of sizes, and our packaging specialists tailor solutions to your specifications and the unique properties of methancrylate adhesives.

AMG packaging solutions are renowned worldwide. Our products to house methancrylates are designed to:

• Reduce costs and per-application waste
• Maintain adhesive shelf life
• Provide easy-to-use application and storage
• Protect from light, moisture, and exposure to chemicals

Chemical properties of methancrylate adhesives include flammability and high odor. Discuss your needs with an AMG representative to ensure safety and comfort for one-time and multiple-use packaging options. Contact Adhesives Materials Group today to learn more about our custom packaging services.