Epoxy Packaging

Epoxy PackagingAdhesive Materials Group specializes in meeting the unique solutions and precise specifications for epoxy coatings and adhesive packaging. Each epoxy packaging option is tailored to your volume and application needs, and ensures product integrity, quality and consistency. Known for their exceptional service and follow-through, AMG product specialists can recommend the epoxy packaging solution that is best for your timeline and your budget. Epoxy is an affordable, high-performance adhesive used for bonding nearly all substrates, as well as potting and encapsulating. Known for its chemical resistance and durability, it is ideal for surface coatings, marine coatings, electronics manufacturing, construction bonding, pipeline protection and more.

Epoxy Adhesives Solutions

AMG's custom epoxy packaging solutions are expertly packaged for both field and assembly line applications, and guaranteed to eliminate contamination and environmental exposure. Choose from a variety of packaging options, including one and two-part cartridges, one-of-a kind u-TAH cartridges, foil barrier and injection kits, bottle and can kits, squeeze tubes and Quik-Pak burst seal bags. Each solution provides a precise amount of adhesive, depending upon application specifics, and is designed to reduce per-application cost while minimizing epoxy waste.

AMG's customized containers include a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Easy-to-use spray cartridge systems
  • Specialized packaging for encapsulation, potting, point-of-use bonding and industrial sealing
  • Single and multiple-use delivery systems
  • Cartridges for manual, pneumatic and battery-driven applicators
  • Vacuum packing for the ultimate in product protection
  • Expedited delivery for time-sensitive jobs


For more information about epoxy packaging, or to inquire about AMG's wide range of adhesive packaging expertise, contact a packaging specialist by phone or email today.