Anaerobic Packaging

Anaerobic PackagingAdhesive Materials Group is a trusted provider of sealant and adhesive packaging solutions for a variety of industries. Anaerobic adhesives are single component compounds, and are used widely in the automotive, electronics and medical fields.

Anaerobic adhesives bond only in the absence of oxygen; with exposure to the air, the sealant remains in its liquefied state. Adhesion between a metal nut and bolt, for example, occurs within seconds, providing a wide surface-to-surface bonding ratio. Anaerobic sealants offer flexibility in locking and bonding, high temperature resistance, and the ability to wick easily and fill gaps. 

Anaerobic Adhesive Packaging Solutions

Since anaerobics are created in varying strengths and viscosities to provide high-performance bonds, AMG supplies several anaerobic packaging solutions to support these formulations and applications. These include:


AMG is an industry leader in the manufacturing of affordable, environmentally conscious sealant and adhesive packaging solutions. Partnering with leading adhesive manufacturers around the globe, we provide outstanding product quality and custom containment options. Contact Adhesives Materials Group to learn more about which anaerobic, epoxy, urethane or or silicone adhesive packaging solution is right for your application, or to request a personalized estimate for your next packaging project.