Acrylics Packaging

Acrylics PackagingAcrylic adhesives are used when a clear and seamless bond is desired. Adhesive Materials Group, a first-class partner in sealant containment and storage solutions, provides clients with a variety of versatile acrylic adhesive packaging options that are appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Acrylics are the ideal bonding material for general industrial use, including the manufacturing of signs, machinery and sporting goods. Adhering easily to most metal, plastic and wood surfaces, they give substrates a tight and durable bond. Benefits to using acrylic adhesives include minimal surface preparation, excellent weatherability and rapid strength buildup. Acrylics also hold optimum sheer and peel capabilities.

Acrylics Adhesive Packaging Solutions

Acrylic packaging is designed to provide an economical, easy application of the adhesive, along with easy storage and minimal waste. AMG offers the following packaging types for dual-component acrylics:


Specializing in acrylic packaging, Adhesive Materials Group provides custom packaging services to ensure that your adhesive, sealant or industrial chemical is appropriately packaged for assembly line, field or bench top applications. Contact a packaging specialist to learn more about AMG’s range of adhesives packaging solutions, as well as pricing and delivery options for acrylic packaging.