Adhesive Packaging

Adhesive Materials Group is an industry-leading supplier of durable, application-specific adhesive packaging for virtually any type of adhesive. We provide high-performance adhesive packaging solutions from one component to two-component packaging for virtually any industrial adhesive, including:


Adhesive Packaging Solutions

Our solutions include many different container types and mix ratios, and the AMG team can recommend the best option for your needs and budget. Our wide range of adhesive packaging is ideal for assembly line and work site applications. Benefits include:

  • Customized solutions for reduced per-application cost and minimal product waste
  • Specialized packaging methods that maintain adhesive integrity and consistency
  • Delivery systems for single and multiple adhesive applications
  • Optional vacuum packaging for ultimate product protection
  • Packaging for manual, pneumatic and battery-driven applicators
  • Expedited delivery for time-sensitive jobs


The most common adhesive packaging types are dual cartridges, single component, burst bags and syringes. Some materials may have specific packaging requirements. For moisture-sensitive adhesives, nitrogen is used during the packaging process. This eliminates air and maintains adhesive integrity until its ready to be used. Some epoxies are pre-mixed and frozen when packaged to stop the curing process. The frozen cartridges are then brought back to room temperature when they are ready to be used.