Pipeline Coatings

Adhesives Materials Group, a leader in adhesives and coatings packaging, serves a vast range of industries, including pipeline coatings. Coating and sealing technology is widely used in the pipeline industry to prevent corrosion which substantially increases the life cycle of installed pipelines to lower total costs.

AMG provides custom packaging solutions for manufacturing and field repair or finishing applications to lower costs in this industry. Coatings and sealants of this nature must be packaged properly to maintain product integrity. Understanding the critical nature of this requirement, AMG specializes in user friendly custom packaging solutions that maintain product performance, longevity, and safety.

AMG is recognized worldwide as a premier provider of packaging for many adhesives and sealants for the pipeline industry, including:


We take our responsibility to the client and environment seriously, and are committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and technical competence. Contact AMG today to learn more about our products, services or to obtain a pipeline industrial coatings project-specific estimate.