Military & Defense Material Packaging

Understanding the mission-critical importance of military and defense sealants and industrial chemicals, Adhesive Materials Group specializes in custom packaging of epoxies, urethanes, silicones and more. From military vehicle protection to electronics potting, defense adhesives must be carefully stored to maintain product integrity and ensure safe application.

Some popular mil-spec types we specialize in include mil-c-22750, mil-prf-23377, and mil-prf-22750.

Defense Packaging Solutions

We also commonly work with the following mil-spec types:

  • BAC5710TY41
  • BMS10-11 TYI
  • BMS10-11 TYII
  • BMS10-60
  • BMS10-83
  • MIL C 22750
  • MIL C 85285/37038
  • MIL DTL 53039C
  • MIL PRF 22750
  • MIL PRF 23377
  • 3M™ 230
  • 3M™ 540
  • 3M™ 560
  • 3M™ 550
  • 3M™ 551
  • 3M™ 590
  • 3M™ 730
  • 3M™ 847
  • 3M™ 1300
  • 3M™ 2216
  • 3M™ 5200
  • 3M™ 4200FC
  • 3M™ 08019
  • 3M™ DP100
  • 3M™ DP100NS
  • 3M™ DP110
  • 3M™ DP190
  • 3M™ DP270
  • 3M™ DP420
  • 3M™ DP460
  • 3M™ DP460NS
  • 3M™ DP600
  • 3M™ DP605NS
  • 3M™ DP805
  • 3M™ DP810
  • 3M™ DP8005
  • 3M™ DP8010
  • 3M™ DP8010NS
  • 3M™ TE030
  • 3M™ TE200
  • 3M™ TS230


    Defense industry suppliers trust mil-spec chemicals and materials for a range of uses, including:

    • Fuel system seals
    • Wire and cable jacketing
    • Propellants and pyrotechnics
    • Aircraft insulation
    • Ceramic textile construction

    AMG is an industry leader in adhesives, sealant and chemical packaging for each of these applications—and more. Striving to ensure the performance of military vehicles, firewalls, and devices, our team works to understand your project requirements and deliver safe, durable packaging solutions suited to the most challenging environments.

    Packaging Options Include:

    To discuss the containment, storage and delivery of your military-grade sealant or adhesive product, contact an AMG specialist today. We provide detailed estimates and expedited delivery times, and are committed to total client satisfaction at every project phase.