Fiber Optic Packaging

Adhesives Materials Group, a leading packaging specialist based in Houston, TX, offers custom packaging solutions for a full range of industry-proven sealants—including V-788 fiber optic coupling grease.

Fiber optic manufacturing and repair applications require the utmost precision and care. AT AMG, we understand the importance of maintaining the clarity, low bleed and powerful adhesion qualities of fiber optic coupling compounds with each application.

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AMG fiber optic packaging solutions include a number of standard container options, such as:

While we specialize in these packaging formats, we also provide customized alternatives to preserve the integrity of any sealant or adhesive. AMG packaging for fiber optic coupling grease and other sealants are made with the highest quality materials available, ensuring high performance and limiting per-application waste.

Fiber Optic Adhesive Packaging

Each of our packaging solutions for fiber optic gels, adhesives and sealants provides high levels of resistance to moisture, UV rays and heat. In addition, each container is easy to transport and comes with manual or pneumatic delivery methods.

Offering top-of-the-line customer service and one-on-one client support, Adhesive Materials Group delivers excellent communication, seamless customer service, and efficient product delivery. Contact AMG today to discuss fiber optic packaging options, or to request an estimate for your specific project applications.