Construction, Repair & Maintenance Adhesive Packaging

Adhesive Materials Group is a leading-edge provider of storage and delivery solutions for maintenance, repair and construction adhesives and sealants. Before recommending a packaging solution, AMG specialists discuss your project needs at length. Tailoring strategies to meet your performance and budget objectives, we recommend cost-effective options that minimize downtime, reduce your carbon footprint and improve project timelines.

Construction and repair industries use one- and two-part custom sealant and adhesive systems for a variety of applications, including:

  • Building and materials protection
  • Materials insulation
  • Weather sealing
  • Commercial glazing
  • Grout and mortar
  • Roofing protection
  • Chemical plant components
  • Power plant components
  • Oil & gas equipment

Benefits of AMG Construction, Repair & Maintenance Packaging

Construction chemicals, epoxies and adhesives must be compatible with a wide variety of substrates, endure harsh environments, and protect structures for years to come. These sealants and adhesive products must be stored in industrial-strength containment systems that guarantee protection against air, moisture and UV damage. For your peace of mind, AMG packaging systems are designed for easy transport and long-lasting shelf life, and are proven to preserve the integrity of your adhesive and chemical formulation.

Adhesive and sealant packaging systems suit your sealant’s specified volume, viscosity and chemical composition requirements. Specialized containment for maintenance, construction and repair markets include manual, pneumatic and battery-driven delivery, field kits, vacuum packaging and nitrogen packaging. Our valued industry partners may choose from:

To learn more about AMG’s construction, repair and maintenance adhesives packaging, or to request a delivery time and detailed estimate for your upcoming project, contact our packaging specialists today.