Bond Prep Adhesive

Recognized as a leader in custom packaging solutions, Adhesives Materials Group is dedicated to providing high quality products at competitive prices. In addition to offering adhesives packaging, AMG also manufacturers Bond Prep, a product used in numerous applications and industries.

Bond Prep is a bond enhancing solution for use on steel components. The unique characteristics of Bond Prep promote a strong adhesion to steel as the solution links chemically to other adhesives used in the manufacturing of consumer products.

Bond Prep Characteristics

  • Broadens the flow range of the cure cycle.
  • Increases bond strength.
  • Promotes faster bond times.

The rapid bonding time and improved strength can lead to enhanced durability of steel products and a more efficient manufacturing process. Steel is already a metal of significant strength and is touted as a potential replacement for aluminum in automotive body parts. AMG understands the importance of strength and durability in the automotive industry and is proud to provide Bond Prep, a top-of-the-line adhesive product that offers integrity and increased safety to the car-buying consumer.

Bond Prep from Adhesives Materials Group is easy to use in virtually all industrial settings.

  • Clear the steel bonding surface of debris and oils with acetone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).
  • Brush on a layer of Bond Prep. Within seconds the surface dries, but will feel tacky.
  • Place the friction material on the TC piston and press down firmly without touching the adhesives.
  • Put the assembly in a bonding machine or oven, using appropriate heat and pressure settings.

AMG offers a wide range of products and services that are fully customizable to each client’s project specifications. Our experience providing adhesives packaging options to customers around the globe spans more than three decades. Contact a packaging specialist today to inquire about pricing or to discuss your Bond Prep Adhesives project requirements.