Custom Formulated Urethanes

Custom Formulated UrethanesEffective and reliable packaging solutions for adhesives, including urethanes, ensure the safety of the industrial work environment and continued health of personnel. Adhesive Materials Group provides a wide range of customizable packaging options for urethane-based adhesives and sealants. AMG is a leading-edge packager for single and dual-component urethanes, epoxies, silicones and many other chemical adhesives.

Custom urethane formulations are designed to create a strong bond—even with exposure to heat and moisture. This type of sealant can be packaged in single or dual-component format, and may be used with hardeners. Urethanes adhere well to acrylics, glass, rubber and many types of metal, including steel. The chemical composition of a urethane-based adhesive varies according to the specific applications in which it is used.

Custom Urethane Packaging

Adhesive Materials Group offers several packaging options that ensure the safe storage and utilization of custom urethanes. Container type and size is chosen according to volume, viscosity, mix ratio and usage specifications, and may include:


Contact AMG to discuss your specific urethane customization and packaging requirements. In addition to providing premium packaging solutions, Adhesive Materials Group teams with leading manufacturers of urethane adhesives to offer custom formulation services.

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