Custom Formulated Silicones

Custom Formulated SiliconesAdhesives Materials Group, an employee-owned manufacturer of adhesive and sealant packaging, offers a number of unique packaging solutions for custom silicone formulations. Silicone adhesives are highly elastic compounds with excellent temperature stability. Used in a variety of industries and applications, including those that require weather resistance, silicone adhesives build a strong bond throughout the curing process.

Silicones may be formulated as single or dual-component adhesives, and Adhesive Materials Group carries a wide inventory of containers and packaging options for both types. AMG customizes packaging for silicone adhesives based on formulation, volume, viscosity and other criteria relating to specific applications. Clients may choose from the following products, all available in a range of sizes.

Custom Silicone Packaging


At Adhesive Materials Group, our legacy of service speaks for itself. Delivering client-focused service at every project phase, our team can help you select the adhesive storage and containment option that suits your unique requirements. Consult an AMG representative today to inquire about packaging for custom silicone formulations —or to request delivery and pricing information.