Custom Formulated Epoxies

Custom Formulated EpoxiesAdhesive Materials Group, a top producer of adhesive packaging, provides a range of customizable, safe and efficient packaging for custom epoxy coatings, formulations and adhesives. Epoxies are widely used in industries requiring durable potting compound sealants.  Created in many different viscosities and mix ratios, custom epoxy formulations should be packaged based upon application specifics.

AMG brings integrity, knowledge and environmental responsibility to the table when creating the appropriate packaging solution for each epoxy adhesive. Fully customizable, you may select from several safe and reliable containers based on the specifications of your epoxy formulation.

Custom Epoxy Packaging


Contact Adhesives Materials Group to learn more about our customized packaging solutions—or to explore our partnership with leading epoxy and adhesive manufacturers. Our team offers a wide range of services and delivery options to accommodate the tightest schedules, and our client-focused approach ensures that you receive best-in-class service during every project phase.