De-Airing / Vacuum Packaging

Recognized for our product quality and service commitment, Adhesives Materials Group provides de-airing vacuum packaging services for commercial and industrial customers around the U.S. De-airing, also called de-gassing, removes air pockets from adhesives prior to containing them in syringes, cartridges, burst bags and other container types. De-airing is especially important in the packaging of resin and silicone-based sealants and potting compounds.

Vacuum Packaging Solutions

Air bubbles can negatively affect the integrity of many adhesives. In some cases, trapped pockets of air may cause an adverse reaction as the material is dispensed. AMG uses high-performance vacuum pump equipment to eliminate all traces of air in all standard and custom formulations. Bubble-free application ensures the accurate dispensing of high quality adhesives, and precise application reduces waste in the workplace while improving cost-effectiveness.

AMG’s packaging services are trusted in a number of industries and applications where quality cannot be compromised. These include:


AMG understands the importance of safely storing and maintaining materials to uphold product integrity. Our specialized packaging options and services deliver innovative solutions in a timely manner. Customizable services and packaging provide safety and security just as you need it, made to your specific standards.

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