Adhesive Packaging Services

Adhesives Materials Group provides custom adhesive and material packaging services to customers nationwide to fit their unique and specific packaging applications. Our aim is to provide our customers with the right solution when packaging adhesives, resins and sealants into affordable, economical containers which are easy to store and that lower overall business costs.


Custom Labeling - Adhesive Materials Group offers custom labeling services for any packaging size, shape or design. Labels include a lot number, part number, DOM, expiration date, and any other required information.

Field Repair Kits - Field repair kits contain all of the components necessary for the application of your custom packaged adhesive. These self-contained kits are ideal for customers who need the ability to make repairs or assemble an application in the field. Components can include, but are not limited to, custom packaged materials, custom boxes, labels, instructions, gloves, towels, stir sticks and nozzles.

Free Sampling - We can supply you with free samples. This will give you the opportunity to test the material and packaging system before committing to an order. Samples are filled and shipped quickly to help you find the right solution in a timely manner.

Document Management - We manage and provide technical product data sheets including Certificates of Conformance, Certificates of Analysis and MSDS to guarantee complete traceability of every material we supply our customers.

Logistics - With the expertise and specialization of third party logistics, we ensure that your product will be delivered on-time using the most cost-effective method.

Private Labeling - We can create and print custom labels for your packages in any size, shape or design to suit your needs.

Screen Printing - Adhesive Materials Group offers custom screen printing on various containers including cartridges, tubes, and pails.

Warehousing - Stocking local inventory is key for your business. We offer cold storage, hazardous material storage, and on-site chemical management.

Waste Management - The treatment of waste is essential for the harmony of environment and industry. We treat and manage waste not only to reduce the impact in the environment but to maximize resource value. Partners with AMG offer a proactive approach to chemical cleaning and industrial waste. We also recycle all our extra corrugated cardboard, paper, metal and safety solvents.

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