Static Mixing Nozzles

Adhesives Materials Group offers a variety of static mixing nozzles compatible with dual component applicator guns. As a leading supplier of adhesives packaging solutions, AMG offers customers high quality products at affordable prices.

Static mixing nozzles are known by several names, including static mixers and motionless mixers. This plastic tube forces multi-component compounds to combine as they travel through the mixer of a dispensing gun. Disposable static mixers are ideal for one-time use and have a low per-use cost. If you are thinking about switching from manual mixing, disposable static mixers offer many benefits such as improved process control and better mixing consistency. Mixing nozzles yield accurate, even coverage of product during application, minimizing waste. Static mixers are used primarily for potting, bonding, sealing and gasketing, and industries served by motionless mixers include:

• Automotive repair
• Consumer electronics
Medical equipment
• Assembly

Static mixing nozzles are ideal for use with epoxies,adhesive silicones, sealant silicones, polyurethanes and methacrylates. The nozzles can handle many different viscosities of adhesives, greases and sealants as well as product ratios ranging from 1:1 up to 10:1.

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