Single Component Nozzles

As a leading supplier of adhesives packaging solutions, Adhesives Materials Group offers a selection of nozzles designed to fit single component cartridge packaging. Single component cartridges remain a reliable storage solution for sealants, epoxies, lubricants and other compounds. Disposable and replaceable nozzles allow for easy and accurate dispensing in any application.

Nozzles in a variety of tip shapes and sizes allow the user to tailor product dispensing to the most demanding industry standards. The plastic nozzles are threaded for easy placement on a cartridge. Single component nozzles are disposable; yet offer a low cost per use solution for your industry. Industries commonly served with single component delivery systems include:

Aerospace and aircraft manufacture and repair
• Automotive repair and parts
Medical devices and equipment
• Potting and utilities
• Sporting goods and steel fabrication

Providing a trusted packaging solution that is cost-effective is one of AMG’s goals. Our single component nozzles allow you to choose the dispensing method that works for your specific application. Product waste also means wasted money. Using specialized nozzles can help save your business money and also reduces waste from accumulating. Reducing waste is environmentally responsible, and AMG is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Adhesives Materials Group works with a team of experts not only in the field of adhesives packaging, but also in the custom formulation of adhesives, lubricants, sealants and other compounds. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive catalog of products and services including single component cartridge nozzles.