Single Component Applicator Guns

Adhesives Materials Group, top-ranked supplier of adhesive and sealant packaging solutions, offers a variety of single component applicator guns. Applicator guns accommodate a wide range of single component cartridge sizes to ensure accurate dispensing of sealants, resins, epoxies and greases.

Single component applicator guns are available in manual and pneumatic styles to support countless applications. Single component dispensing guns are lightweight, easy to use, and provide smooth and accurate product delivery. AMG’s applicators supply a uniform flow of adhesive, caulk, grease or epoxy with minimal waste. Accuracy of delivery and little waste help us provide low-cost packaging solutions, regardless of application or your company size.

Single Dispensing Gun

Dispensing guns for single component substances are available in a range of sizes and can handle fluids of varying viscosity with ease. Applications for single component applicators include, but are not restricted to, the following industries:

• Automotive
• Medical equipment
• Transportation
• Fiber Optics
• Electronics
• Construction
• Sporting goods and toys

Reliability and precision are clear benefits of single component dispensing guns. Adhesives Materials Group offers an array of packaging options for single and multi-component compounds. In addition, we work with reputable manufacturing partners to offer custom formulations of adhesives like urethanes, epoxies and silicones. AMG is your single-stop provider for adhesives packaging solutions. Contact our team today to learn more about our extensive list of products and services.