Dual Component Applicator Guns

Adhesives Materials Group, a cutting-edge provider of adhesive, sealant and specialty packaging solutions, stocks an extensive selection of dual component applicator guns. This type of dispensing gun releases the perfect mixture of dual component epoxies, silicones, urethanes, lubricants and greases with the touch of a finger.

Dual component adhesives bond upon contact with one another. The mixing of each component must be thorough and even to ensure proper application. AMG supplies manual or pneumatic dual component dispensing guns that release each compound into static mixing guns. From the internal mixing area, the dual component solution combines before it is released from the applicator gun. Dual component guns are used in many different industries, including:

Aerospace and automotive
Medical devices and equipment
Military and marine applications
• Telecommunications and electronics
• Instrumentation and construction

Two Component Adhesive Guns

Applicator guns designed to hold dual component adhesives, UV curables and sealants range in size, since storage cartridges vary. Regardless of size, the dispensing gun provides an even, accurate coating of product while minimizing waste. Accuracy and a low waste threshold translate into low per-cost application—and lowering cost per application represents a significant savings opportunity for your company.

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