Custom Adhesive Products & Case Studies

AMG custom engineers adhesives to meet your requirements.

The Problem: A customer requested a fast setting adhesive that was not currently available. The adhesive had to be able to ship non-hazardous worldwide. The product also had to adhere to oily and nonporous surfaces and withstand harsh environments for long periods of time.

Our Response: We developed a custom adhesive that met all the customer’s criteria. It required several test versions and R&D to get the final product approved. After several onsite visits, we custom engineered the product to meet the customer’s specifications.    

AMG provides a quick turn around and quality products.

The Problem: A customer was looking for a packager with the ability to produce cartridges quickly and handle rush orders. The previous packager could not keep up with the customer's demands, and the quality and appearance of the cartridges was unsatisfactory.

Our Response: We ordered new semi-automated filling and closing equipment that allowed us to keep up with the customer’s demand, turn around rush orders quickly, and fill the cartridges more accurately than the previous packager. We also improved the label on the cartridge by giving it a more professional appearance and printing it in color as opposed to the previous black and white label. An extra convenience included adding lot numbers for customer traceability.  

AMG offers customers better alternatives to increase production rates and provide savings.

The Problem: A customer was in need of a urethane adhesive that would serve as an alternative to a discontinued product. The product was a major piece of their business, therefore, the customer needed to get a replacement fast. We also discovered that the customer was using the same product for a similar application, but the product was not working well. 

Our Response: We were able to re-engineer the product within 2 weeks, while providing a cost savings of 30%. We also addressed the needs of the other application and made a slower version of the product that reduced their failure rate and increased the production rate. To further reduce labor costs, we packaged the kits in premeasured amounts to prevent the customer from having to weigh the material.